Fast Delivery - £2.99 or FREE on orders over £25

   Fast Delivery - £2.99 or FREE delivery on orders over £25

Plant Sizes

Plant Sizes

We sell a variety of plant sizes - our plugs come in five sizes - value, medium, large, extra-large, and jumbo.

Plug Plants.

Plug plants are small plants or seedlings grown in cell trays. In order to supply our customers with some of the largest plants on the market we have standardised the plug sizes we offer.

Our plugs come in 5 different sizes both round and square. The larger root system of our plugs makes them much easier to establish.

Other Plant Sizes

Our larger plants sizes are 7cm, 9cm, 1L, and 2L. You can also use these larger sized plants to add instant impact to your garden without any wait. Using a bespoke box system and biodegradable plastics, we can get your plants to you in tip-top condition and do our bit in taking care of the environment.