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   Fast Delivery - £2.99 or FREE delivery on orders over £25

Plant Sizes

Plant Sizes

We sell a wide variety of plant sizes to suit all budgets and skill levels; from great value plug plants for more experienced gardeners to established 4 litre plants for those wanting to get their garden up and running in the quickest time possible!

Plug Plants

Plug plants are small plants or seedlings grown in cell trays. While they can be great value compared to buying more established plants, they do require extra care to get them started so are usually better suited to confident gardeners. If you're a beginner and would like to know more about caring for plug plants, take a look at our handy guide to get you started!

Large Plants

Our larger plant sizes have been potted at our nursery into a variety of established sizes to give our customers a head start in their gardening. You can use these plants to add instant impact to your garden without any wait. We generally recommend less experienced gardeners opt for larger sizes as they are already well established and therefore more able to bounce back from any "learner errors"!